Make your Garden 




  • Lawn maintenance

  • Hedge trimming

  • Pruning and training shrubs and climbers

  • Weeding and mulching

  • Seasonal jobs such as leaf clearance, bulb planting and dividing perennials

  • Organic pest and disease control

Garden Design and Plant Planning

  • Full garden and planting plan designs

  • Consultation and advice

  • Site analysis 

  • Sourcing and planting new plants

  • Large or small scale, from full gardens to patios and containers

  • Follow up maintenance of new plantings or tailored maintenance plans

Jobs of the Month: June
  • Start watering during dry spells but check local restrictions such as watering bans and observe them

  • Stay on top of pests and diseases such as aphids on roses

  • Tie in and train climbers and wall shrubs

  • Prune evergreen hedges

  • Deadhead flowers such as roses

  • Stay on top of mowing the lawn regularly

  • Plant out half-hardy annuals

  • Remove weeds as they appear and before they flower or set seed.

  • Stake herbaceous perennials as necessary

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